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American Autowire Highway 22 Plus Wiring Harness Kits 510760 - Universal

American Autowire Highway 22 Plus Wiring Harness Kits 510760 - Universal

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Wiring Harness, 22-Circuit, Complete, Kit

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Sold as a kit.

Highway 22 Plus kits feature:

* Modular fuse panel for added flexibility in mounting
* 175 amp Mega-Fuse protection
* Self-locking, screw-down, vibration-proof connections
* 40 amp fan or fuel pump relay
* Headlight, dimmer, and ignition switches
* Extra-long wire lengths for custom wire routing
* Full-color schematics and instructions

The full list of the Plus features are below

*Each kit will now include a built-in LED flasher to support LED turn signals without the need to purchase an additional item.
*We've added back up light feed and power wires to make the harness easier to install in a more modern vehicle.
*The pre-installed 20 amp relay can now be easily changed to function as either a keyed 12 volt or ground triggered item.
*We've improved our instructions to cite a wider range of examples and real-world scenarios. The panel labeling has also been updated along with the above physical changes, including wording modifications for enhanced clarity.
*The wiper circuit has been upgraded to a 20 amp fuse to support all aftermarket wiper systems. This has been made an accessory circuit for more adaptability.
*The AC/Heat fuse has also been moved to an accessory circuit to eliminate draw from the blower motor while the vehicle is being started.
*All kits will feature our new high amp alternator and main power connection kit. This allows for the use of high amp alternators, and provides an even better level of fuse protection for the panel and charging system. This new connection kit utilizes 6 gauge wire and two 175 amp Megafuses.
*Extra connectors and wiring have been added to more easily support a 4-headlight system without an additional add-on purchase.
*Longer neutral safety wires for cars with console shifters.
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